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Oxford Falls Location:
This location has ample parking options with over 500 parking bays that wraps around the entire location.

Silverwater Location:

This location has 40 underground parking bays with plenty of additional nearby spaces in adjacent streets.



Oxford Falls Location:
There are plenty of disabled parking bays close to entrance of the main forecourt, chapel and theatre. 

Silverwater Location:
There are a small cluster of disabled parking directly outside the main entrance and the back entrance as the underground carpark does not have wheelchair access.



Oxford Falls Location:
There is a First Aid room located outside the Art Gallery and an Automatic External Defibrillator located within the Auditorium building.


Silverwater Location:
There are First Aid boxes located in multiple places throughout the venue and an Automatic External Defibrillator located within the main building.



Oxford Falls Location:
There are two large parents rooms attached to the auditorium that have live tv feeds broadcasting what is happening in the Auditorium. These rooms have toilets, changing tables, kitchenettes, breastfeeding rooms and are air-conditioned. 


Silverwater Location: 
There is an air-conditioned parents room attached to the side of the Auditorium with direct sight to the stage.



Oxford Falls Location: 

There are amenities located in every single building at this location with disabled toilets and changing tables in most buildings.


Silverwater Location:
There are amenities located all throughout the building and on the mezzanine level. 

Parents Room

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