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The Oxford Falls Glasshouse is a long air-conditioned space with a centre stage, light and sound system. The Glasshouse also has the unique ability to be divided into three seperate spaces with divider doors. Making it the perfect space for break-out sessions, team building and networking. 



The Glasshouse can seat a max of 150 people when all divider doors are opened. Each seperate room can seat a max of 30 people.


AV System:
The Glasshouse has a centre stage with light and sound system, as well as two small tv's either side of the stage. Each far side of the room has large TVs.

Our Oxford Falls venue has a large amount of on site parking with over 500 spots and additional parking in nearby streets.


General Information:
The Glasshouse is located at the back of the main forecourt and is adjacently connected to the Art Lounge. It has its own amenities. The Glasshouse can be divided into three seperate spaces using sound absorbing bi-fold doors. The centre room contains a stage, lighting and sound desk, and each side room has its own inbuilt AV system and TV. The Glasshouse is close to the Auditorium and can function well as dressing or rehearsal spaces.

The entire location is wheelchair accessible with plenty of disabled parking close to the forecourt.

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