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The Silverwater Auditorium is a large air-conditioned space with state of the art lighting and sound equipment, suitable for a variety of events such as concerts, dances, conferences, lectures, movie showings and musical or drama performances.  We offer flexibility and versatility to suit each event.



The auditorium has a max capacity of 700 people. The ground level seats up to 500 and the wrap-around mezzanine seats up to 200 (with the option to hire ground level only). The seating is not fixed to the floor and can therefore be set up to best suit the event.

Lighting & Sound Equipment:
State of the art lighting and audio.

Our Silverwater Venue has ample parking with 40 underground parking bays and free parking within the industrial area and surrounding streets.

The entire location is wheelchair accessible with plenty of disabled parking located at the entrance. Within the Auditorium the mezzanine level has elevator access. For the stage a wheelchair access elevator can be installed for an extra charge.


General Information:

The Auditorium is directly accessible from the main front entry with a back doors leading into the auditorium. The mezzanine is accesible from two sets of stairs as well as an elevator for wheelchair access. 

Dressing rooms (Contact us directly to discuss).​

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